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Connecting Your HR Software With the Business

Unlikely? Well no, not as far-fetched as you might have thought. There are quite a few installations where the usage of the system capability is so minimal it might as well not be there!There are two really important points of entry for the HR application into the organisation: Reporting and Triggered Actions (this latter can evolve into Workflow).Reporting is the life blood of an enterprise – although it’s easy to overdose on it! – and a useful suite of reports coming from HR would include:– Headcount– Staff Turnover– Staff Stability– Equal Opportunities– Departmental Salaries– Costed Absence by Department– Objectives Met and Outstanding – Individually, and within Department– Training Needs Met and Outstanding – Individually, and within DepartmentRemember, the Reports are only as good as the quality of the information within them. All too often, reporting from the HR department is found to be strewn with errors or outdated entries, and once the integrity is questioned, it is very difficult to get confidence restored in the output.HR departments will claim that they are under pressure, and this is understood, but Reports are a primary product of HR and data cannot be dealt with in a haphazard or sloppy fashion. Quality of data must be a paramount consideration.Triggered Actions are not only an invaluable “admin-killer” for HR, but they are very useful in helping busy managers to ensure that nothing falls down between the cracks.Typical support for managers will come with the following reminders:– Probation periods– AppraisalsUnfulfilled– Training Needs– Service Entitlements– Holiday conflicts– Sickness Absence trends– Company Property – Laptops, Mobile Telephones, Security Cards – issue on joining, return on leaving.Did we say “admin-killer” for HR? Not only can you set up email alerts within your organisation, but you can generate messages to reach outside, for instance Starters and Leavers to the following providers– Life Assurance scheme– Permanent Health Insurance scheme– Medical Insurance– Pension– Company Vehicles– Sports ClubsAs you can see, from scratch you will quickly be in a position to extract benefit from your HR software!